Black Baldies
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Geneticists has been able to isolate specific genes that indicate the ability for a bull to throw a black baldy calf when breed to your black stock. The American Hereford Association has developed the BMI$ (Baldy Maternal Index) which is a maternally focused index that has a production system based on 1000 Hereford x Angus females with a progeny harvest endpoint directed towards CHB. This index is more critical of CE than BII$ and also has significant weight on fertility. There is positive weight on WW and a slightly negative weight on YW which promotes early growth and then a slow down on growth to keep mature size manageable. The emphasis of IMF is greater than the emphasis of REA. This is true because of the price difference of the choice-select spread and the fact that there is very little incentive to produce cattle better than a yield grade 3. The question comes up concerning the fact that the CHB program has been successful because of the acceptance of the Select grade cattle. In answer to this, we are using a crossbreeding production system that could sell cattle on several grids and that the CHB program is installing a choice product. This index is geared to service any commercial program that runs British cross cows.

The AHA Index for Bulls born in 2006 are: A score > than 18 the Bull is in the top 10% of the breed. A score of 16 he is in the top 25% of the breed. A score of 14 he is in the top 50%.